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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Calhoun, Becky Nursing 673-7052 Details
Camilo, Vicki Admissions and Records 673-7044 Details
Cannan, Karen Culinary Arts 674-7917 Details
Cardoza, Cheryl English 673-7189 Details
Cardoza, Thomas Humanities 673-7160 Details
Carr, Cameron Circulation 674-7604 Details
Carretero Reed, Sofia Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Caudill, Renee Childcare Center 674-7515 Details
Chai, Quan-Ping Mathematics 673-8282 Details
Chatigny, Christine Grounds Department 673-7084 Details
Chavez, Jose Custodial Department 673-7100 Details
Chavez, Rocio Workforce Development and Continuing Education 824-3827 Details
Cheseldine, Dianne Foreign Languages 673-7217 Details
Cheung, Joseph Computer Technologies 673-7889 Details
Chouinard, Carole Admissions and Records 673-7195 Details
Christensen, Timothy Grounds Department 673-7048 Details
Clarkson, Mitch HVAC Department 673-7259 Details
Cleveland, Darryl Fire Science 789-5416 Details
Clifford, Donna Computer Technologies Department 673-7130 Details
Clifford, Kevin Redfield Campus Operations 850-4000 Details
Clough, Karalea Circulation 673-7190 Details
Coles, John Psychology 674-7680 Details
Collier, Jim Biology 673-7008 Details
Combs-Salley, Heather Academic Advisement 673-7062 Details
Connolly, Tara Academic Advisement 673-7062 Details
Cotter, Jim Mathematics 857-4957 Details
Covert, Jody Nursing 673-7274 Details
Craig, Howard Testing 673-7102 Details
Crawford, Cheryl Nursing Assistant CNA 673-7019 Details
Croysdill, Connie Nursing 674-7637 Details
Cuevas, Araceli Workforce Development and Continuing Education 824-3829 Details
Cullinan, Patricia English 673-7292 Details

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