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Name Department Telephone Email Details
Aberasturi, Paul Visual and Performing Arts Department 789-5673 Details
Adams, Dan Counseling 673-7128 Details
Adams, Karen Budget and Planning 673-7032 Details
Adlish, Angela ESL (college ESL) 674-7545 Details
Adlish, John Biology 673-7267 Details
Alberti, Barbara Nursing 674-7677 Details
Albrecht, John Presidents Office 673-7261 Details
Aldecoaotalora, Arkaitz Admissions and Records 674-7699 Details
Alexander, Tom Finance And Administration 673-7800 Details
Allen, Yevonne Equity and Inclusion 673-7027 Details
Almada, Angel Maintenance Department 673-8222 Details
Alquist, Scott Safety Training 857-4958 Details
Alverson, Joy Nursing 674-7934 Details
Anaya-Arevalo, Grecia Academic Advisement 673-7062 Details
Anderson, Breezy Nursing 673-7173 Details
Anderson, Cal Web Services 673-8267 Details
Anderson, Jeanne Liberal Arts Division 674-4836 Details
Anderson, Lee Physical Sciences Department 673-7183 Details
Aragona, Patty Technical Sciences Division 856-5323 Details
Armbrecht, Julie Reading 673-7124 Details
Arrigotti, Maria Mathematics Department 673-7159 Details
Aten, Barbara Auxiliary Services 674-7922 Details
Aten, Steven Maintenance Department 674-7976 Details

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