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Department Telephone Location
Facilities Operations and Capital Planning 775-673-7100 FS 100
Faculty Senate 775-674-7912 RDMT 212
Fast Track Program 775-673-7047 SIER 113
Father Daughter Ball 775-829-9010 MDWS 216
Financial Aid Scholarships and Student Employment 775-673-7072 RDMT 315 C
Fine Arts classes 775-673-7291 RDMT 334 U
Fire Technology classes 775-789-5511 RTC 219 E
Fitness Center 775-674-7974 RDMT 101
Fitness courses--noncredit 775-829-9010 MDWS 216
Foreign Language classes 775-674-7945 RDMT 334
Foundation and Institutional Advancement 775-674-7648 RDMT 200 I

Campus Operator: 775-673-7000

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