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Department Telephone Location
E.L. Cord Child Care Center 775-674-7515 CCC 100
Early Childhood Education classes 775-673-7185 SIER 202
ECHO, Student Newspaper 775-673-7171 VSTA B102
Economics classes 775-673-7132 SIER 203
Education Leadership and Psychology 775-673-7060 RDMT 325
Education Teacher Prep classes 775-673-7185 SIER 202
Elizabeth Sturm Library 775-674-7600 SIER LIB
Emergency Medical Service Technician 775-789-5513 RPSTC 219C
Employee Development Center 775-674-7663 RDMT 211
Engineering 775-673-7183 RDMT 321
English as a Second Language College Program 775-673-7139 RDMT 207
English as a Second Language Community Program 775-829-9044 MDWS S220
English department 775-673-7092 VSTA B300
Entrepreneurship, Logistics and Real Estate 775-673-7132 SIER 203-E
Environmental Science classes 775-673-7183 RDMT 321
Equity and Inclusion 775-673-7123 RDMT 208

Campus Operator: 775-673-7000

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