Adult Basic Education

Workplace Literacy

TMCC's workplace literacy is a customized language program that offers successful corporate language programs in the Reno/Sparks area. The program consists of three components:

  1. Training for the workplace in English
  2. Customized curriculum development
  3. Training for supervisors in Spanish

Limited English speakers are initially assessed and tested using the Employability Competency System at initial and final classes to measure language development. TMCC uses the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System, which is a national language assessment testing series for adult workers.

Informal assessments are conducted throughout each course to gauge learners' progress. Jumpstart courses provide a total of 100 instructional hours of English language training. As the class progresses and as ongoing needs are assessed, curriculum customization, materials and translation applicable materials are developed.

The cost of proposed training is normally $75 per instructional hour. The Adult Basic Education Department utilizes Federal grant funds from the Workforce Investment Act to offset part of this cost to employers. We negotiate appropriate pricing once specific employer/employee needs are determined.

Spanish training is strongly recommended to monolingual English employees to encourage appropriate workplace communication and enhance English trainee practice and use of acquired language skills. This component is designed at 20% to 30% of the length of English training. For example, 100 hours in English and 20 hours in Spanish. Employers taking advantage of this specialty component find more value in the overall corporate program.

Corporation policies and procedures are regularly included into the training. Each employee completing the training receives a TMCC certificate of completion. 

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